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Proven tools for overcoming frictional losses

UP’N’CHANGE helps you and your organisation with online tools from friction losses in communication and collaboration to competitive advantage and success.

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Your Impact-Coach for more resilience and skills in collaborating

UP’N’CHANGE accompanies you and the organisation in the event of frictional losses with
proven techniques to sustainable success and expertise in solving challenges. For situations that are complex and stressful, use compact tools with expertise from psychology, coaching and business to recognise the hurdles and find solutions for your effective progress.

P.S. Managers spend up to 50 % of their time on conflicts and confrontations. It’s hard to imagine how much time, money and nerves frictional losses in the area of communication and co-operation cost. If you get support now with the tried and tested tools from UP’N’CHANGE, you will reduce stress and secure your progress and competitive advantage.

Online Coaching. Ziele finden. UP'N'CHANGE


Helps you clarify and focus on your goals so that you can achieve them and progress efficiently.

What do you want to achieve?

Online Coaching. Konflikt auflösen. UP'N'CHANGE


Real-time support to help reach immediate solutions to conflicts so you can move forward.

How to best navigate your conflict?

Online Coaching. Innovation. UP'N'CHANGE


Individual and team recommendations for where you need to grow in order to be more creative and innovative.

What’s blocking your innovation?

Online Coaching. Impact-Enabler. UP'N'CHANGE


Uncovering hidden risk areas in the company and point out blind spots with proven tools for sustainable progress.

Realise potential with a clear roadmap

Online Coaching. Stresstypen-Guide. UP'N'CHANGE

Stress Types-Guide

The unique stress typologies to better understand other people and clearly recognise what to do to move forward.

Tools for better collaboration

Online Coaching. Painpoint-Check. UP'N'CHANGE


Quickly and clearly recognise where the problems really are. See how smoothly the areas in your life are running.

Discover your painpoint now

Utilize our expertise

Developed by experts
Proven and tested
Easily accessible
Individual solutions
Guaranteed data protection

UP’N’CHANGE-customers evaluate our digiTools with an excellent rating.

Dr. Gabriele Lang

Unleash your potential

“With the digiTools from UP’N’CHANGE we create the necessary foundations for sustainable success and innovation.

Why can we do this? Because we have been doing this personally for years and have expertise in the fields of psychology, coaching, business and systemics. With the digiTools, we now help even more people. We offer low-threshold, professional support for corporate and personal development and support the effective development of resilience, collaboration and creativity.”

Dr. Gabriele Lang

Here are four ways we can work together:

As featured in

Get more out of yourself and your time using our digiTools.

Our customers and their success

During a period of lots of parallel change initiatives we have been utilizing the InnoSparker-pilot study to pinpoint the team’s potentials in this challenging situation. Especially those potentials we haven’t yet tapped into. The digital tool is really helpful to identify the whole team’s potential together. Based on these results we were able to agree on the necessary action points. The InnoSparker is an excellent orientation beacon!

Michaela Mayrhofer

Finance, Director Supply Chain Management, A1 Telekom Austria AG

The UP’N’CHANGE Skill-Check survey was a real enrichment at our 2nd Female Leader Circle. During the presentation of the most important results by Gabriele Lang, there were some aha moments and they certainly made people think.

Julia Pfneissl-Mauritz

Founder & Initiator | CEO & GM Circle | Female Leader Circle

Using the UP’N’CHANGE intelligent coaching navigator was incredibly insightful in helping me understand where I was getting blocked in my work and in my working relationships. Understanding my stress type now allows me to navigate moments where I would normally respond from impatience — a counterproductive habit. Knowing that my ability to focus is my biggest obstacle to progress is something I already knew, but having UP’N’CHANGE digiTools reiterate that fact makes it impossible to ignore now. Thanks to UP’N’CHANGE’s digiTools, I am making changes to the way I work and the way I work with others, making me more effective and able to meet my goals with less effort.

Rebecca Williams

Leadership Communications Coach and Trainer | Story Coach | Presentation Coach | Stanford Graduate School of Business Adjunct Lecturer and Coach | Brand Storytelling

The Stress Type-Check simply reveals those topics we are trying to hide from our employees and from ourselves. A very simple tool, it gives you clarity in just one minute!

Heidrun Andre


Very nice flow, clear language; the Conflict Facilitator forces you to deal with the conflict. Nice setup, good structure.

Karin Trimmel

Chairwoman of the Board of Gurktaler AG

An extremely efficient tool that helps you take a look behind the scenes of your own company and to calmly discover the causes of its blockades. I was positively surprised about how directly the Goal-Finder pointed the way to my “real” topic. I would unreservedly recommend this tool.

Brigitte Graf

Event consultant and retreat organiser

I had the opportunity to try out the new digital product “Goal-Finder“. I opted for this tool because it’s the end of the year and I wanted to spend some time reviewing my objectives. Step back and take a look at the big picture. I used the guide given to me by the online tool in less than 75 minutes to work on a specific priority and I found support in the meditation part and guidance in the true questions that helped me define that priority. I can recommend it!

Adela Mehic-Dzanic, MSc.

WU Executive Academy, Board Member Female Leaders Network

The Goal-Finder is a great tool to refocus on your priorities in areas of your life, where you feel challenged. The tool is online, which is great, this way you can use it anywhere. You can pause and save the survey; this way you can take all the time you need to fill in the questionnaire. In case you decide to do it at once, take at least two hours for completion. The tool combines questions with guided meditation sessions, which is a great way to go deep in your thinking process. After having done the survey, I feel much more motivated and refocused on my priorities and I would recommend it to anyone, who needs more motivation to deal with an obstacle in their life.

Agnes Kordas


Although I didn’t only like the results of the Stress Type-Check at first, after a few rounds of reflection I find that this tool describes me very well when it comes to my behavior in stressful situations. I am also very grateful for the development recommendations. Cool tool!

Andreas Schmidbauer

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Raiffeisenbank Steyr

Innovation and creativity are topics that usually receive too little attention in everyday business. Yet behind them lie unbeatable forces that can lead to outstanding corporate success. CIP Survey (now InnoSparker has helped us to get closer to our hidden innovative power and creativity again.

Marlene Hahn

Business Process Manager, Verkehrsbüro Group

In my capacity as an Associate Professor at the Louvain School of Management I teach a class on Management Practice as the final module of the International Executive MBA programme. To enrich the section on innovation I used the Creativity & Innovation Pulse Survey (now InnoSparker) as a tool to allow the students to engage in the topic at a deeper and more personal level. Each student was asked to complete the survey on-line and then the results were presented the following week. The class found the tool very energizing and enlightening, and it prompted a very lively discussion about how to develop the creativity of individuals and organizations. From my perspective the tool is an excellent way to open a debate about creativity and innovation in an organization and also to help individuals reflect constructively on their own development.

Chris Start

Associate Professor, Louvain School of Management, Belgium (International Executive MBA program)

I was intrigued by the opportunity to obtain a measure of my individual creativity and my university’s creativity culture, and I was impressed by the scope and detail of the CIP survey (now InnoSparker). The survey offers a systematic, wide-ranging, and strikingly original approach to the measure of individual and institutional creativity. I was also very much enlightened by the precision of the results. These results prompted me to re-examine my assumptions about my strengths and weaknesses and my creative and critical role in my own institution. The survey offers a clear and thorough analysis of individual and institutional creativity and provides the basis for significant development on both micro- and macro-levels.

Timothy Conley

Associate Professor, Bradley University USA

InnoSparker provides us with an unobstructed view on our real potential. The findings contribute to the company’s clear strategic alignment.

Martin Winkler

Spokesman for the Board of MBA VERKEHRSBÜRO GROUP

The Stress Type Check: short, concise, and precisely targeted. I was very much able to identify with the results. It’s not one of those standard stress tests you usually come across.

Antonella Cvrtak

Grow F, Female Founders

I find it very positive that you can do the test any time and everywhere. You don’t even have to name the individual you are having a conflict with. It’s absolutely anonymous. It can be used very flexibly.

Ursula Thalmann

Head of the legal department at VAAÖ

As part of our strategic planning process, we became aware that the topics of creativity and innovation need to be given greater attention in our company. InnoSparker quickly and efficiently helped us gain an overview of our blind spots and to identify specific development potentials in the areas of creativity and innovation. We used this as a basis to develop specific measures and implement them quickly in a targeted manner. One of the great advantages is that the survey can be carried out in the company on a broad employee basis, thus ensuring greater validity and quality of the results.

Theresa Ludwiger-List

Speaker of the Board, List General Contractor GmbH


What are digiTools?

digiTools is the umbrella term used for all digital tools offered by UP’N’CHANGE. We differentiate between 100% digital guides that serve as first aid in professional stress situations, such as the Conflict-Facilitator and evaluations, e.g. for the measurement/identification of creativity potentials, such as the InnoSparker.

How does the organisation benefit from digiTools?

The consistent development of the team’s emotional skills saves the organisation time, money and fluctuation. Why? Recent studies show that frictional losses in terms of collaboration, communication and development (KPMG, PWC and WKO) and conflict resolution cost significant amounts of time and money.

Studies by Kotter & Heskett show a strong correlation between a supportive corporate culture and the financial success of an organisation in terms of growth in net profit, share price, employment and turnover.

What is the advantage of digiTools for the user and the company?

digiTools are a method of providing a quick first aid. They are simple to use, any time. If necessary, one can purchase a digiTool immediately online, not having to worry if a coach happens to be at hand. It is up to the individual user to determine how long a topic will be processed. One can take breaks and resume later. digiTools are discreet, so nobody has to talk with anyone else about the respective topic. digiTools are an opportunity for personal improvement. This benefits the individual, and ultimately the organisation in which they work.

A business can simply order a digiTool package and make the links available to all employees immediately – without any delay. The tools guarantee a constant quality that does not depend on individual coaches, nor on availability or location.

Who developed the tools?

The digiTools are based on decades of expertise of Dr. Gabriele Lang. She develops the individual digiTools by integrating state-of-the-art findings and scientific evidence – based on the customers’ specific requirements. She works in carefully selected expert teams to ensure an in-depth overall view of each topic. By conducting the corresponding test loops during initial development and through an ongoing improvement process, the digiTools are regularly adjusted to the customers’ requirements.

Who are the digiTools suitable for?

The digiTools are suitable for everyone who is looking for emergency assistance to cope with one of the defined stress situations and is willing to embrace this help. In addition, the digiTools can help to further educate oneself in the area of emotional skills.

Businesses and their executives or staff representatives offer digiTools to employees to enable them to advance their emotional skills. These skills can significantly contribute toward better communication and collaboration in professional stress situations.

Is the use of the digiTools anonymous?

Their use cannot be anonymous, since an online offer requires certain data for the modalities of the purchase and for the usage of the digiTools. Their use, however, is discreet. In the case of easyCoachings, the topics to be processed, are only documented offline, i.e. UP’N’CHANGE has, for instance, no information about the nature of the underlying conflict.

The InnoSparker can be used individually or in the form of a project (a so-called “wave”) for a group of participants. The individual results will always be available only to the respective users. The results of the wave will be provided to the buyer in an aggregated form.

Free yourself from emotional burden. Make your work life easier.

Free yourself from emotional burden. Make your work life easier.

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