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Don’t let stress and problems slow you down.

Conflicts and stress cost time, money, motivation and productivity, both in private life and companies. Seize your opportunity and develop skills4success now with digital tools:

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Strengthening resilience
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Enabling impact

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We help when you are at loss.

We help you and your organisation develop the essential skills to create success. Here are our digital tools to help you solve your problem at work:
digiTools for more impact.


Is conflict at work wearing you down? The Conflict-Facilitator will help you find a solution by yourself and reduce stress and dissatisfaction. Find out how you and your counterpart tick under stress and get tips on how to resolve a conflict.

From conflict to solution.

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Not sure where you’re heading in life? Are you feeling disoriented? The Goal-Finder points the way to that area of your life where you should be focusing next to realise your full potential. It helps you develop specific plans and ideas, put them into action and achieve targets.

More info on the Goal-Finder.


You want your company to be more innovative? The InnoSparker finds out where you and your team currently stand at and helps you drive innovation. What are the requirements? We provide you with specific instructions on how to make the company more innovative.

Boost creativity and innovation.

Get more out of yourself and your time using our digiTools.

Our customers took up the challenge and are highly satisfied with the progress:

During a period of lots of parallel change initiatives we have been utilizing the InnoSparker-pilot study to pinpoint the team’s potentials in this challenging situation. Especially those potentials we haven’t yet tapped into. The digital tool is really helpful to identify the whole team’s potential together. Based on these results we were able to agree on the necessary action points. The InnoSparker is an excellent orientation beacon!

Michaela Mayrhofer

Finance, Director Supply Chain Management, A1 Telekom Austria AG

The Stress Type-Check simply reveals those topics we are trying to hide from our employees and from ourselves. A very simple tool, it gives you clarity in just one minute!

Heidrun Andre


Very nice flow, clear language; the Conflict Facilitator forces you to deal with the conflict. Nice setup, good structure.

Karin Trimmel

Chairwoman of the Board of Gurktaler AG

An extremely efficient tool that helps you take a look behind the scenes of your own company and to calmly discover the causes of its blockades. I was positively surprised about how directly the Target Finder pointed the way to my “real” topic. I would unreservedly recommend this tool.

Brigitte Graf

Event consultant and retreat organiser

Although I didn’t only like the results of the Stress Type-Check at first, after a few rounds of reflection I find that this tool describes me very well when it comes to my behavior in stressful situations. I am also very grateful for the development recommendations. Cool tool!

Andreas Schmidbauer

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Raiffeisenbank Steyr

InnoSparker provides us with an unobstructed view on our real potential. The findings contribute to the company’s clear strategic alignment.

Martin Winkler

Spokesman for the Board of MBA VERKEHRSBÜRO GROUP

The Stress Type Check: short, concise, and precisely targeted. I was very much able to identify with the results. It’s not one of those standard stress tests you usually come across.

Antonella Cvrtak

Grow F, Female Founders

I find it very positive that you can do the test any time and everywhere. You don’t even have to name the individual you are having a conflict with. It’s absolutely anonymous. It can be used very flexibly.

Ursula Thalmann

Head of the legal department at VAAÖ

As part of our strategic planning process, we became aware that the topics of creativity and innovation need to be given greater attention in our company. InnoSparker quickly and efficiently helped us gain an overview of our blind spots and to identify specific development potentials in the areas of creativity and innovation. We used this as a basis to develop specific measures and implement them quickly in a targeted manner. One of the great advantages is that the survey can be carried out in the company on a broad employee basis, thus ensuring greater validity and quality of the results.

Theresa Ludwiger-List

Speaker of the Board, List General Contractor GmbH

Free yourself from emotional burden. Make your work life easier.

Free yourself from emotional burden. Make your work life easier.