Our digiTools are based on many years of profound coaching experience and psychological and business expertise. They offer professional, quick, and affordable solutions for work conflicts and stress situations. Our digiTools help both private individuals and businesses successfully manage strain.

They provide specific guides for:

Conflict solution and stress relief (Conflict-Facilitator)
Target identification and achievement (Goal-Finder)
Promotion of innovation and creativity (InnoSparker)

Our Digital Tools

Developed by experts – Accessible around the clock – Affordable – Tested – Efficient – Discreet – Guaranteed data privacy


Solve employee and team conflicts to boost productivity in businesses.

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Motivated, productive employees by focusing on the right things.


Discover the blind spots which hinder creativity and innovation.

This is what our satisfied customers say:

Innovation and creativity are topics that usually get too little attention in everyday business. Despite the fact that they hold enormous power that can lead to outstanding corporate success. InnoSparker helped us recover our hidden innovation power and creativity.

Marlene Laviolette

Business Process Managerin

Simply and quickly understanding what I can achieve. These questions help me become very specific as quickly as possible, and to look inside myself. As a result, I learn new techniques and get a completely new picture.

Michaela Mayrhofer

Direktor SCM, A1 Telekom AT AG

A magnificent tool – from conception to implementation planning. Creative sets of questions that point the way to your target, step by step. I like the fact that it also includes a subtle part (e.g. visionary work).

Mag. Jutta Brandt

Unternehmensberaterin und Coach

Why wait?

“Get support when you need it. We provide the necessary structure and offer effective techniques to positively resolve conflicts and achieve progress. We accompany you with insights, asking the decisive questions and giving you the necessary impulses. We help you using our condensed knowledge: discreet, quick, seven days a week, around the clock, affordable. Our digiTools were developed on the basis of many years of psychological expertise and in-depth knowledge from thousands of coaching hours.”

Dr. Gabriele Lang

Dr. Gabriele Lang

Quick assistance for private individuals and businesses.

for private individuals

for businesses

Our products for businesses


What are digiTools?

digiTools is the umbrella term used for all digital tools offered by UP’N’CHANGE. We differentiate between easyCoachings, i.e. 100% digital guides that serve as first aid in professional stress situations, such as the Conflict-Facilitator, and easyTests, which represent global evaluations, e.g. for the measurement/identification of creativity blockades, such as the InnoSparker.

What is the advantage of digiTools?

That your digital coach is always with you, to support you whenever you need him.

  • Online coaching needs no travel time. All guides are always online, at your fingertips.
  • No waiting times. Even at night, when everyone else is asleep, the digiTools are there for you.
  • Always in the same high quality, since the digiTool can’t be tired or overworked.
  • Based on decades of experience and expertise from psychology and coaching.
  • Often tested. Proven time and again.
  • You can take a break any time, then resume exactly where you paused.
  • You don’t have to painstakingly look for a suitable coach for the topic you chose.
  • There’s no risk that your coach won’t have sufficient experience.
  • Online coaching is affordable.
  • There is no dependence, since you only pay for using it when you need it.
  • Discreetly. That is, you don’t have to talk with anyone about it.
  • For us, data protection is a top priority. We only store information that is necessary to carry out the easyCoachings or easyTests. Even if someone were to hack into the portal, only minimum information is available there.
Who developed the tools?

The digiTools are based on decades of expertise of Dr. Gabriele Lang and other experts. She develops the individual digiTools by integrating state-of-the-art findings and scientific evidence – based on the customers’ specific requirements. She works in carefully selected expert teams to ensure an in-depth overall view of each topic. By conducting the corresponding test loops during initial development, and through an ongoing improvement process, the digiTools are regularly adjusted to the customers’ requirements on a broad basis.

Who are the digiTools suitable for?

The digiTools are suitable for everyone who is looking for emergency assistance to cope with one of the defined stress situations and who is willing to accept this help. In addition, the digiTools can help users further educate themselves in the area of emotional skills.

Is the use of the digiTools anonymous?

Their use cannot be anonymous, since an online offer requires certain data for the purchase modalities and for the usage of the digiTools. Their use, however, is discreet. In the case of easyCoachings, the topics to be processed are only documented offline, i.e. UP’N’CHANGE has no information about the nature of the underlying conflict.

There’s more coming! digiTools in the pipeline.

We are continuously developing our products so we can support you and your business in a growing number of areas. Removing stress situations for staff and executives easily, quickly and permanently leaves more room for productivity and innovation. And for the desired impact.

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