Conflict-Facilitator Testimonials

Eva Musil, General practitioner

A perfect solution when we have to deal with conflicts on a professional or personal level. The questionnaire helps you quickly and efficiently get to the crux of the problem. You are free to pause or go through the process in one go, whenever and from anywhere you want to. I found the summary at the end particularly helpful. I now understand the conflict behaviour of my counterpart much better, and I know where to position myself in conflicts.

Michaela Mayrhofer, Director SCM, A1 Telekom AT AG

Simply and quickly understand what I can achieve here and there. These questions help me become very specific as quickly as possible, and to look inside myself. As a result, I learn new techniques and get a completely new picture.

Martina Hofer-Moreno, Lean HR-Expert and Owner at ERFOLGSSPUR

Who ticks like a tiger, dolphin or completely differently? How can we deal with different perspectives personally and professionally? The Conflict-Facilitator shows this with memorable, moving exercises and clear processes. In this way, the online tool also enables conflict solutions suitable for business. It offers a variety of approaches to solutions and provides eureka-moments. An individual result report facilitates future application and progress in dealing with conflicts.

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Christoph Prem, Creative mind

A wonderful way of “helping you help yourself”, with a very simple and easily understandable structure. Clear questions that require simple answers. You need to participate during the process yourself and face up to a situation in an honest manner. At the end, you discover things about yourself and understand your counterpart better. It is easier to react and to act if you know yourself better and you can “read” the other. As a result, the occasional conflict is bound to end with a serene smile.

Alexandra Linder

Clearly structured, written in an easily understandable manner, usable anytime. It takes a lot of effort to overcome the obstacles and address this process in the first place.

Karin Trimmel, Chairwoman of the Board of Gurktaler AG

Very nice flow, clear language; it forces you to deal with the conflict. Nice setup, good structure.

Ursula Thalmann, Head of the legal department at VAAÖ

I find it very positive that you can do the test any time and everywhere. You don’t even have to name the individual you are having a conflict with. It’s absolutely anonymous. It can be used very flexibly.

Lisa Salat, Graphic designer

Some of the instructions and exercises are spoken. For me, listening is a direct path to the brain.

Jörg Harrer

Hands-on exercises. A summary at the end. Can be used regardless of time and place.

Andreas Waldherr, Student

It encourages you to examine more carefulyl and question the conflict, the motives of your counterpart, and your own weaknesses. You feel accompanied in a friendly way, but you must answer the awkward questions as well. It’s exciting and occasionally surprising to recognise one’s own behaviour in some of the analyses.

Jutta Brandt, Management and career consultant, coach

Step by step, coaching questions lead you to greater self-awareness and more insight into the other person’s conflict behaviour. Moreover, the tool delivers very suitable and helpful explanations, tips, and recommendations on the basis of understandable models. Absolutely recommendable!!!

Leopold Piber, Consultant

The Conflict-Facilitator helped me deal with my conflict and consciously address it. The tool accompanies you through the process and significantly contributes toward better understanding the conflict and the role of the parties involved. Of course, you yourself are responsible for the implementation afterwards.

Christian Czaak, Publisher of the business magazine

The Conflict-Facilitator is very good and well-substantiated, understandable, and concise = “a good thread”. I also found the requirement to write down things, and the “tapping exercise” very positive!

Claudia Piribauer, Organisational consultant and coach

An extraordinary space that is worth entering. Taking the time to reflect on one’s own rough edges in conflict situations, to methodically surprise oneself and get oneself into something in a refreshingly different manner, this “journey” is worth it in every way.

Heidrun Andre, Tax consultant

After testing the Conflict Facilitator, I was very positively surprised by how well the tool captured the essence of my preferred alternative. The tool helps me better identify the root causes of the conflict, and shows me how to best resolve it.

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