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Stress costs time, money and nerves

Employees working in complex environments often struggle to find solutions to personal and interpersonal challenges born from stressful environments. What’s more, stress often escalates confrontations and makes it hard to have constructive conversations. Because they don’t have the time, resources, knowledge, or courage to solve these problems, employees tend to ignore them. This makes the problems worse.

Our digiTools help you

Discover solutions with us that support you in overcoming stress and leading an easier life. We help you to identify and remove obstacles that make it difficult to move forward and to develop emotional skills. With our digiTools, you will not only gain the knowledge of how to overcome a particular challenge, but also a sense of relief. A first, an immediate step for more impact!

Stress reduzieren

What are you waiting for? Unleash your potential and take an easy step.

Let us show you the way to more resilience, cooperation and creativity. Away from stress and using emotional tools towards more mental strength.

Get to know yourself better with our freebies

UP'N'CHANGE Skill-Check

What skills do you need to develop to live up to your potential?

Evaluate individual performance on essential workplace skills in a quick check.

What’s your stress type?

Help your employees understand their behaviour under pressure so they can cope better with challenges and stress.

Utilize our expertise

Developed by experts
Proven and tested
Easily accessible
Individual solutions
Guaranteed data protection

Choose the tool for your specific challenge

UP'N'CHANGE Painpoint-Ch

How can you recognise your painpoint immediately and easily?

Become activ and find focus to move forward and reduce pressure. Discover how smoothly your wheel of life is turning.

UP'N'CHANGE Goal-Finder

What do you want to achieve?

Evaluate individual performance on essential workplace skills in a quick check.

UP'N'CHANGE Stress Types-Guide

Understand the other person better in stressful situations?

Individual recommendations for where individual employees need to grow in order to be more creative and innovative.Discover our unique stress typologies; think of them like a menu to help you interact with other people more effectively.

UP'N'CHANGE Conflict-Facilitator

How can you best manage your conflict?

Real-time support to help employees reach immediate solutions to conflicts so they can move forward.

UP'N'CHANGE InnoSparker

What’s blocking your creativity?

Individual recommendations for where individual employees need to grow in order to be more creative and innovative.

The most important information at a glance – our factsheets

Unfold your potential

“digiTools enable us to move forward without excuses. Because we save time, money and nerves when we face up to the challenges that arise in our lives. And from many years of experience, we have selected the techniques and tools that enable the greatest success in getting ahead.

Take the opportunity to use our digiTools to develop your personal, social and creative skills for greater success.”

Dr. Gabriele Lang

Choose the solution for your team

Tools for employees to solve specific challenges.

And save time, money and nerves!

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Help employees clarify and focus on their goals so they can achieve them.

What do you want to achieve?



Real-time support to help employees reach immediate solutions to conflicts so they can move forward.

How can you best manage your conflict?


Individual recommendations for where individual employees need to grow in order to be more creative and innovative.

What’s blocking your innovation?

Choose your digiTool for your progress


What are digiTools?

digiTools is the umbrella term used for all digital tools offered by UP’N’CHANGE. We differentiate between 100% digital guides that serve as first aid in professional stress situations, such as the Conflict-Facilitator and global evaluations, e.g. for the measurement/identification of creativity blockades, such as the InnoSparker.

How does the organisation benefit from digiTools?

The consistent development of the team’s emotional skills saves the organisation time, money and fluctuation. Why? Recent studies show that frictional losses in terms of collaboration, communication and development (KPMG, PWC and WKO) and conflict resolution cost significant amounts of time and money.

Studies by Kotter & Heskett show a strong correlation between a supportive corporate culture and the financial success of an organisation in terms of growth in net profit, share price, employment and turnover.

What is the advantage of digiTools for the user and the company?

digiTools are a method of providing a quick first aid. They are simple to use, any time. If necessary, one can purchase a digiTool immediately online, not having to worry if a coach happens to be at hand. It is up to the individual user to determine how long a topic will be processed. One can take breaks and resume later. digiTools are discreet, so nobody has to talk with anyone else about the respective topic. digiTools are an opportunity for personal improvement. This benefits the individual, and ultimately the organisation in which they work.

A business can simply order a digiTool package and make the links available to all employees immediately – without any delay. The tools guarantee a constant quality that does not depend on individual coaches, nor on availability or location.

Who developed the tools?

The digiTools are based on decades of expertise of Dr. Gabriele Lang. She develops the individual digiTools by integrating state-of-the-art findings and scientific evidence – based on the customers’ specific requirements. She works in carefully selected expert teams to ensure an in-depth overall view of each topic. By conducting the corresponding test loops during initial development and through an ongoing improvement process, the digiTools are regularly adjusted to the customers’ requirements.

Who are the digiTools suitable for?

The digiTools are suitable for everyone who is looking for emergency assistance to cope with one of the defined stress situations and is willing to embrace this help. In addition, the digiTools can help to further educate oneself in the area of emotional skills.

Businesses and their executives or staff representatives offer digiTools to employees to enable them to advance their emotional skills. These skills can significantly contribute toward better communication and collaboration in professional stress situations.

Is the use of the digiTools anonymous?

Their use cannot be anonymous, since an online offer requires certain data for the modalities of the purchase and for the usage of the digiTools. Their use, however, is discreet. In the case of easyCoachings, the topics to be processed, are only documented offline, i.e. UP’N’CHANGE has, for instance, no information about the nature of the underlying conflict.

The InnoSparker can be used individually or in the form of a project (a so-called “wave”) for a group of participants. The individual results will always be available only to the respective users. The results of the wave will be provided to the buyer in an aggregated form.

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