Understand stress typologies

Stress kills creativity

Why does this person get on my nerves?

Have you ever wondered why some people just get on your nerves, whether at work or at home? Stress can play a big part in this. Find out what makes you tick under stress and get specific tips for more serenity. Discover your personal stress type now!

Do the free Stress Type-Check

What our satisfied customers have to say

Even if I didn’t like all of the results of the Stress Type-Check at first glance, after a few rounds of reflection I find that this tool describes my behaviour in stressful situations very well. I am also very grateful for the development recommendations. Cool tool!

Andreas Schmidbauer

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Raiffeisenbank Steyr

The Stress Type-Check very easily reveals the issues that we try to hide from our employees and ourselves. Very practical tool, more clarity in a minute!

Heidrun Andre


The Stress Type-Check: short, clear and to the point. I was able to identify very well with the result. Not the standard stress test that you are used to.

Antonella Cvrtak

Grow F, Female Founders

Get the Stress Types-Guide for your do’s and don’ts

The first step to success is knowing your own stress typology. But in our daily lives, we are constantly interacting with other people. How valuable would it be if you could understand your counterpart better, especially in conversations that take time and nerves?

Discover our unique stress typologies now – think of them like a menu to help you better understand other people and clearly recognise what to do next to move forward. Identify starting points for both yourself and others and take targeted action. Our tips have been developed by experts to help you. Access them now and get the tools you need to manage stress and become more successful.

What our satisfied customers have to say

The Stress Types-Guide has helped me to understand myself and my dialogue partners better. Of course, very few people correspond exactly to the individual typologies, but we get to the point more quickly in meetings.

Stephan Kubinger

Managing Partner IFN Beteiligungs GmbH


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€ 25*

When you purchase this product you will receive 1 Stress Types-Guide.


€ 25 per guide*

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€ 500*

When you purchase this product you will receive 20 Stress Types-Guide.


€ 25 per guide* 

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When you purchase this product you will receive 200 Stress Types-Guide.

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“Instead of wasting time complaining and getting angry with others, we should focus on moving forward. In a world where collaboration is inevitable, each of us faces an important decision: do we stay angry and waste time and energy, or do we look for techniques and tools to deal constructively with the challenges?

In particularly challenging situations, stress typologies can serve as a valuable guide to help us understand what works and what does not. Ultimately, one thing is clear: by focussing on moving forward, we find solutions to our problems more easily and satisfactorily.”

Dr. Gabriele Lang

What if you are already in the middle of a specific conflict? It’s time to face this challenge and find solutions. With our unique Conflict-Facilitator, we offer you easy-to-understand steps to resolve conflicts. Receive concrete tools in the area of communication and behaviour to help you. We guide you effortlessly from problems to solutions and to a better understanding of both yourself and your counterpart. Access now and discover how easy it can be to manage conflicts and gain valuable insights:


A few steps to success

  1. Recognise the problem.
  2. Use the Conflict-Facilitator.
  3. Experience relief.
  4. Learn valuable skills.
  5. Enjoy your success.

What our satisfied customers have to say

Perfect as soon as we have to deal with conflicts privately or professionally. The questionnaire helps to get to the heart of the problem quickly and efficiently. Depending on your wishes, you can pause or go through the process in one go, at any time and from anywhere. I found the summary at the end particularly helpful; I now understand the conflict behaviour of my counterpart better and know where I need to start with myself when conflicts arise.

Eva Musil

General physician

Understand quickly and easily what I can do in between. The questions make me become very specific as quickly as possible and listen to myself. I learn new techniques and am presented with a new perspective.

Michaela Mayrhofer

Director SCM, A1 Telekom AT AG

Great “help for self-help”, simple and very easy to understand. Clear questions that require simple answers. You have to work through the process yourself and face a situation honestly. In the end, you feel that you have caught yourself out and understand the other person better. Reacting and acting is easier if you know yourself better and can “read” the other person. This is how many a conflict ends with a serene smile.

Christoph Prem


Clearly structured, written in an easily understandable way, accessible at any time. You first have to overcome the obstacle of tackling this process.

Alexandra Linder

Very good flow, clear language, forces you to deal with the conflict. Good structure, good set-up.

Karin Trimmel

Chairwoman of the Executive Board Gurktaler AG

I really like the fact that you can do it anytime and anywhere. The person with whom there is a conflict does not have to be named. Absolutely anonymous. Flexible to use.

Ursula Thalmann

Head of Legal Department, VAAÖ

Some instructions and exercises are spoken. For me, listening is the direct route to the brain.

Lisa Salat

Graphic designer

Existing exercises to join in. Summary at the end. Can be used regardless of time and place.

Jörg Harrer

Encourages you to explore and analyse the conflict, the other person’s motives and your own weaknesses in more detail. You are accompanied in a friendly manner, but also have to honestly face the more unpleasant questions. It’s exciting and sometimes surprising how much you recognise your own behaviour in some of the analyses.

Andreas Waldherr


Step by step, coaching questions lead to more self-knowledge and insight into the conflict behaviour of others. The tool also provides very appropriate and helpful explanations, tips and recommendations based on comprehensible models. Absolutely recommendable!!!

Jutta Brandt

Management and career counsellor, coach

The Conflict-Facilitator helped me to face the conflict and look at it consciously. The tool accompanies you through the process and makes a significant contribution to seeing the conflict and the role of the players involved more clearly. Of course, you are responsible for the implementation of the recomended actions afterwards.

Leopold Piber


I find the Conflict-Facilitator very good and the content really well-founded, understandable, clear = “good red thread”. The request to take extra notes was also very good, as was the “tapping exercise”, great!

Christian Czaak

Publisher of the business magazine economy.at

An extraordinary, novel space that is well worth entering. Taking the time to reflect on your own sharp angles in conflict situations, allowing yourself to be methodically surprised in a refreshingly different way and getting involved in equal measure is worth this “journey” in every respect.

Claudia Piribauer

Organisational consultant and coach

After trying out the Conflict-Facilitator, I was extremely positively surprised at how much my preferred alternative course of action was highlighted. The tool helps me to better recognise the causes of the conflict and, above all, has supported me in how I can better implement the solution to the conflict.

Heidrun Andre

Tax advisor

Utilize our expertise

Developed by experts
Proven and tested
Easily accessible
Individual solutions
Guaranteed data protection

Would you like to discuss your challenge in person?


What are digiTools?

digiTools is the umbrella term used for all digital tools offered by UP’N’CHANGE. We differentiate between 100% digital guides that serve as first aid in professional stress situations, such as the Conflict-Facilitator and evaluations, e.g. for the measurement/identification of creativity potentials, such as the InnoSparker.

How does the organisation benefit from digiTools?

The consistent development of the team’s emotional skills saves the organisation time, money and fluctuation. Why? Recent studies show that frictional losses in terms of collaboration, communication and development (KPMG, PWC and WKO) and conflict resolution cost significant amounts of time and money.

Studies by Kotter & Heskett show a strong correlation between a supportive corporate culture and the financial success of an organisation in terms of growth in net profit, share price, employment and turnover.

What is the advantage of digiTools for the user and the company?

digiTools are a method of providing a quick first aid. They are simple to use, any time. If necessary, one can purchase a digiTool immediately online, not having to worry if a coach happens to be at hand. It is up to the individual user to determine how long a topic will be processed. One can take breaks and resume later. digiTools are discreet, so nobody has to talk with anyone else about the respective topic. digiTools are an opportunity for personal improvement. This benefits the individual, and ultimately the organisation in which they work.

A business can simply order a digiTool package and make the links available to all employees immediately – without any delay. The tools guarantee a constant quality that does not depend on individual coaches, nor on availability or location.

Who developed the tools?

The digiTools are based on decades of expertise of Dr. Gabriele Lang. She develops the individual digiTools by integrating state-of-the-art findings and scientific evidence – based on the customers’ specific requirements. She works in carefully selected expert teams to ensure an in-depth overall view of each topic. By conducting the corresponding test loops during initial development and through an ongoing improvement process, the digiTools are regularly adjusted to the customers’ requirements.

Who are the digiTools suitable for?

The digiTools are suitable for everyone who is looking for emergency assistance to cope with one of the defined stress situations and is willing to embrace this help. In addition, the digiTools can help to further educate oneself in the area of emotional skills.

Businesses and their executives or staff representatives offer digiTools to employees to enable them to advance their emotional skills. These skills can significantly contribute toward better communication and collaboration in professional stress situations.

Is the use of the digiTools anonymous?

Their use cannot be anonymous, since an online offer requires certain data for the modalities of the purchase and for the usage of the digiTools. Their use, however, is discreet. In the case of easyCoachings, the topics to be processed, are only documented offline, i.e. UP’N’CHANGE has, for instance, no information about the nature of the underlying conflict.

The InnoSparker can be used individually or in the form of a project (a so-called “wave”) for a group of participants. The individual results will always be available only to the respective users. The results of the wave will be provided to the buyer in an aggregated form.

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